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Trauscht Media

Sparking Emotion with Compelling Photography

Trauscht Media LLC is your source for premium photography & media design. Trauscht Photography is skilled in product, event, portrait, wedding & headshot photography. Trauscht Photography uses top tier equipment & technology for capturing memories & moments. When moments matter choose Trauscht Media.


Lead the Industry to an High Standard of Photography and Design

Trauscht Media strives to meet and exceed your expectations for premium photography, web design and graphic design with cutting edge, skill sets and technology. Establishing a presence in the market that stands for true quality and competitive rates. Satisfying the world's demand for elite photography, web design, graphic design and premium service.


Preston Trauscht

Photography is an extraction of the human element in its most extreme conditions.

Nathan Trauscht

Setting measurable goals guides our direction. Persistence and determination drive us to achieve those goals.

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