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My First Blog Post

Preston Trauscht 4 Jan 2016 featured, Photo Tips, Drones, Photography,

Hello World!

I hope someone finds enjoyment out of this blog, because my goal is to write fun little tid bits regarding photography for who ever will listen!

Take a step back, breath, keep at photography!

For most of us getting our feet wet in the ever expanding pool of photography a looming question is where do I begin!? For me the idea of beginning was not something that had crossed my mind when I had begun, confusing I know. But I believe this is the best start! If you are picking up a camera for the first time with the ambition of being a professional photographer you will quickly be faced with the hardships of communicating with photography lingo, understanding applications of certain technologies and most likely the inability of performing at a professional level.

Take a step back, breath, keep at photography! Seek out expert advice and mentors who may bring you in on professional shoots where you will learn the tools of communicating with your client and managing a set, patients is the key to every great shot. So where does someone interested in photography begin? Look around, set your camera to manual and explore this beautiful world we live in!

See you through the lens!  P.T.



Photography is an extraction of the human element in its most extreme conditions.


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